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Wind & Willow

Blackberry Cheesecake Mix

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The quickest way to rich and yummy cheesecake!  Combine mix with 8 oz of cream cheese and 16 oz heavy whipping cream.  Spoon into a prepared graham cracker crust or go "crust-less" for a great gluten-free option.  Refrigerate until serving.  

Blackberries are a local delicacy every summer.  Enjoy the taste of fresh berries in the summer without having to go picking.  Or enjoy during winter when you could use a summertime boost!   We love to garnish with fresh berries or create a beautiful topping by thinning 1/4 cup of your favorite blackberry preserves with a tsp of water.  Warm over low heat and stir until you have the right consistency to drizzle over your cheesecake!  


*Make it dairy-free by using dairy-free cream cheese and dairy-free heavy whipping cream!  

**For a lower fat, high protein version substitute 32 oz of plain low-fat greek yogurt in place of the cream cheese and heavy cream and place it in the freezer. Remove from the freezer for about 10 minutes before cutting.