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Fire Mountain Fruit

Cherry Jalapeno Jam

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Cherry Jalapeno Jam - 9oz

This is truly a one of a kind exceptional fruit jam with the perfect mix of sweet and spicy!

Whether you prefer the traditional flavors like raspberry, or you love the memorable and unique combinations like Peach Habanero or Cherry Jalapeno, we have dreamed up a jam for everyone. Some are tangy, some are sweet but all are the season’s best and filled with mouth-watering, fresh-picked fruit chunks. We try to keep our jams as “naked” as possible. We feel nature did a superb job, so why go messing it up? You’ll love our jams if you want to sink your teeth into a product that is loaded with plump fruit. The flavors are big, juicy and well balanced.

Fire Mountain Fruit is a family-owned and -operated business that calls Colorado home. Fire Mountain Fruit has been passionately crafting delicious, natural, high-quality fruit products for over 25 years. They choose premium fruit primarily grown by Western Colorado farmers. All of their fruit is carefully selected, hand-cut, and jarred from small batches to retain the best flavor.