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Mountain Man Nut & Fruit

Gourmet Licorice Caramels 13oz Bag

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Gourmet Licorice flavored old-fashioned caramel made with lots of butter and cream. 

This is a luxurious treat that will elevate your candy experience to new heights. These delectable confections are expertly crafted using only the finest ingredients, blending the rich, buttery sweetness of caramel with the subtle, aromatic notes of licorice. Each piece is individually wrapped, ensuring that the soft, chewy texture remains fresh and irresistible.

These are perfect for an indulgent snack or a sophisticated gift, our Gourmet Licorice Caramels are sure to delight your taste buds and leave you craving more. Experience a true taste of indulgence with this unique, mouth-watering confection.

13 oz bag. 

This product is Gluten Free.*